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Roofer Westchester? Are you having damage on the roof? Maybe your ceiling is leaking, and you have water dripping on you. You would feel less comfortable living in your house when your roof is damaged. You could feel unsafe and extremely anxious.

People do not like their roofs being ruined. In all likelihood, you feel overwhelmed by this problem and really scared. Roof problems are not a rare case around the world. There is no need to be concerned; we are here for your service!

Since our staff has had over 30 years of experience with different problems regarding roofs, they may be able to guess the problem, just hearing your story. Thus, our goal is to make you feel that you are dealing with highly qualified and professional people.

As soon as you notice any damage to your roof, make sure that you call a roofer immediately. The smallest hole or leakage will nonetheless cause serious, irreversible, and long-term damage to your roof and the rest of your home in a little time.

When you make an appointment, we will try to get to you as soon as possible to look at your problem and then to fix them. Promptly contact us and we will be able to calm your mind and get rid of your negative sentiments in no time.

Some people just ignore their roofing issues and prefer to handle it way later, which is quite risky and dangerous. A collapse of the roof and moisture leaks that may lead to a short circuit or fire can be the result of the roof damage over time.

Have you been in the misery of having a damaged roof and are now struggling with a leakage? Contact Roofer Westchester promptly. Please, make an appointment by (786) 981-1926.

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I was dealing with a leak in my roof. That's why I contacted Roofing Westchester. They found the leak quickly and repaired it immediately. I can definitely recommend this company to everyone.


I had the roof of my shed replaced by Roofing Westchester. First I received a no-obligation quote. After I agreed they could come by quickly. All agreements are kept! Excellent service!


Very satisfied with the work done on my roof by this company! Very professional and also very customer friendly.


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Do you need to fix a roof leak or damage and would like the repairs to be done as fast as possible? This is when you know that you have a very important task to finish. A prompt roof repair is very vital in such a situation.

It can be overwhelming and worrying that you have been caught off-guard by this challenge. We feel you, but don’t worry. We are available to assist and deal with your roof problems!

For over four decades we at Roofing Westchester have been involved in roofing work of any kind. The experience of our roofers is based on hundreds of roofs in Westchester and surrounding areas.

It is vital to get a reputable roofing contractor from Westchester immediately once you notice the situation. If problems are not addressed and resolved on time they can lead to the collapse of your house.

Scheduling roof repair appointments with qualified roofers will allow them to evaluate the situation. For seemingly small issues like small cracks or gaps, we sometimes do not care and may choose to repair them without a second thought. If the job in question is big enough we will then book a follow-up appointment.

Repairs should be delayed only at own risk, as deferred maintenance can lead to roofing failure and health hazards.

Immediate help from a roofer professional required? Book an appointment today at (786) 981-1926. Roofer Westchester’s services are meant to provide you with all the help you need!

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Are you searching for new roofing for your house or out building? Is your existing roofing old and in need of improvement because of aging, safety, or other issues?
Knowing that the roof is broken and not sure how long it can hold, is a feeling that anyone can understand. Also, please don’t worry, we are here to help you!

Roof Westchester Roofer is a company that has expertise in the removal and installation of various types of roofing materials. Our experienced team of professionals are capable of fitting a high-quality durable roofing solution that is custom made to your needs.

Our process starts with an extensive inspection of your existing roof, and then we generate a personalized proposal for the action plan. After that, we are going to take away the old roofing and install the new one, with a comprehensive check-up to follow to confirm good quality.

Replacing your roofing will remarkably and noticeably reduce the likelihood of leaks and other problems that will in turn boost the safety of your home. It is vital to act immediately to address issues or else they may turn more serious and costlier.

Covering your roof again or even need to learn more? Call Roofing Westchester at (786) 981-1926 to make an appointment or get any other questions answered.

Fix a roof leak

Are you worrying about your roof leaking? This could be in the form of seeping out of the water through the roof or yellow stains on the wall. A roof leak, if not fixed immediately, can destroy a home in just a short period of time.

It is a burden and a bother as well as a worry that people have to deal with very often.Don’t worry. You can easily reach out to the Roofing company Westchester anytime you need help.

Our team that has been in the field for a long time can detect and fix roof leaks accordingly. We are routinely able to pinpoint the exact location of the leak, the cause of the leak and how to rectify it.

It is vital to act immediately when you have a leak problem. This service will be carried out by the professionals where they will inspect the problem as well. Next is to fix the leak as fast as we can.

Mold can develop over the roof leak and the roof structure can be affected, which could result in a danger of collapse if you delay too long to fix the leak.

Is there a roof leak in your house? If you realize that the world is not fair and that you need to change it, don’t wait and start acting now. Call us on (786) 981-1926 to book a time. The roofing contractor Westchester is thankful to address the roof leak problem.

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Replacing the roof

The reasons for replacing your roofing can vary from one case to another. It might be that your existing roof is poorly installed and leaking or causing other kinds of problems. Perhaps you should change your roof to match your tastes and it can be due to the color or type of roofing that you want to have.
Roof replacement is one of the biggest jobs that take long periods of time, a lot of money and involve complex processes. Thus, the best course of action is to ask questions and get recommendations from a professional roofer, who will be able to tell you what is best for your specific situation.

Roof replacement is mostly about inspecting the roof you have and determining any problem or issues. The roofer will do a detail over of your roof to discover if there are any issues, for instance, leaks, cracks or sagging. By carrying out an inspection, your roofer will come up with a course of action for roof replacement.

Next, the roofer will remove your aged roofing and make your roof ready for the installation of new covering. This could be anything like letting your roof ventilate or putting in new insulation.

Following that, they will put on your new roof. This can involve bitumen, tiles, slates or shingles. It will need to be determined based on the material and type of the roof whether the roofing will be applied or not.

After roofer puts the new roof on, he is going to examine your roof. This is the purpose of the edge, seam and other critical areas inspections. Finally, s/he will be looking to establish whether the roof is watertight.

If you are looking for a new roof, then the question is: “what type of roof replacement is right for you?” Contact Roofing Westchester on (786) 981-1926. You can also get a free roof inspection from us. Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of any assistance.


Repair a roof

A roof repair is the procedure of putting a roof back in good as new condition. This may be done by the installation of simple repairs like replacing a few shingles or more complex repairs like changing the whole roof.

The procedure of roof repairing includes the stages starting with inspections of the roof. This inspection can be used to determine if the roof is damaged, where it is located, what causes it, and how severe the damage is. This is good for forming the next step, which is the repair.

The next step is the removal of old roofing and replacing the parts of roofing that are damaged. In this case, the components’ list can include tiles, insulation, roofing, eaves and gutters.

The roof is inspected for the correctness of the repair and is also analyzed if there is some other problems or not. If there is a need, the roof will be cleansed.

There are several reasons why need to repair the damage to your roof:

  • It prevents leaks and other malfunctions
  • You increase the safety of your roof
  • Your house will be better insulated
  • The lifespan of your roof is extended
  • Lower your energy bill

Would you, perhaps, consider to have your roof repaired? Contact our company to book an appointment. You can reach us anytime at (786) 981-1926. We are thrilled to help you with your roof leak!

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Roof inspection

Is your roof leaking or is the style no longer trendy? It is likely that you may find your roofing is becoming loose, or fungus is growing on your ceiling or walls.
To no one is it a pleasure to be at home in a dangerous environment. If a storm has already stormed your roof, a roof inspection will help you to make sure your roof was not damaged. At the end of the day, you have to see that preventing problems is more effective than healing them.

A roof inspection is a visual examination of the roof that focuses on finding any issues or defects with the roof. We conduct Westchester roof inspections on a daily basis, no matter what the weather conditions.

In the process of roof inspection, we pay attention to how the roofing material, roof structure, eaves, air ventilation, and rainwater drainage systems are functioning or not. All the key parts of the roof are checked. It also inspects whether it is pre-existing or not such as damage from hail, wind, etc.

A roof inspection will help you to determine the current condition of the structure and to identify possible problems that can be fixed when they are still small and cheap. It can be an effective measure in the longevity of a roof and at the same time, it can create safety.

The very instant that you forgo roof inspecting, there is a chance that the roof’s damage might be getting worse. The roofing system and the whole house duration can be very quick to wear out.

Do you want your roofing system to be checked out?That’s a wise choice. The contact information is available up there. Please do not hesitate to call us. Please email us to (786) 981-1926.


Different types of roofing

Different roofing materials, like asphalt, clay, concrete, and metal, can be used to cover your roof. There is a specific set of benefits for each material, the lifespan and the price of each product. We can destinguish a flat roof and a pitched roof in terms of roofing type.

There are four options for a flat roof: roofing systems containing modified bitumen, ethylene propylene diene terpolymer, thermoplastic polyolefins, and polyvinyl chloride. One of the matters to consider when you pick a flat roof is the weather that is changing. Moreover, these things are more effective on flat roofing than on pitched roofing.

This is because the water flow off a pitched roof is a straight line. On a flat roof, water can not run, and therefore will keep standing there. The shortened lifespan of a flat roof is one of the consequences, as this type of roofing system often does not last as long as a pitched roof.

An important benefit of a roofed roof is in draining. As a roof is pitched, the water flows constantly in downward direction. Consequently, the roof dries up and becomes unusable.

While a flat roof has the drainage channel flowing inside the building, on a pitched roof, in many cases the water can be seen from the outside. We hardly need to spend money on maintenance of the flat roof, which is almost never the case. For a flat roof, which is all about practicality, a pitched roof is also about the visual appearance.

A sloped roof can be protected with asphalt shingles, metal roofing, slate roofing, tile roofing and bitumens roofing tiles. To know more, you may also check Types of roofing page.

Would you like a roof covering by an experienced roofing contractor from Westchester? Finally, make a call to us at (786) 981-1926 fast. Are you ready for the roofer from Westchester? We got you covered!

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Flat roof

Roofing for flat roofs

Do you look for available techniques when you are in the planning stage of the roofing on a flat roof? As for flat roofs, one has four possibilities: modified bitumen roofing, EPDM roofing, TPO roofing and PVC roofing.
Bitumen, which is the most commonly used flat roofing material, is well known for its waterproofing characteristics. Similar to roofing leather or roofing, bitumen’s role is of significance. Installing a bituminous roof is an easy thing. It can be installed either in one or more layers with the latter allowing the roof to be repaired and other works to be done easily.

EPDM is also a popular choice due to its tensile strength and resilience. It thus renders the textile absolutely weatherproof.

TPO comprises polymers that are co-polymerized and therefore provide enough flex to the roof systems during unfavorable weather as in cold temperature. The TPO roofing, on the other hand, is particularly known for its multifaceted benefits, such as those in the PVC and EPDM systems.

PVC is an often-used material for flat roofs because of its durability, waterproofing properties, and low cost of installation and maintenance. This is a long-lasting, weather resistant material suitable for flat roof surfaces. It has been one of the most popular roofing systems for flat roof system for years.

If you have been left with more questions about what types of roofing options are available for your flat roof, just call Roofer Westchester on (786) 981-1926, and they will be happy to help. Our teammates will be pleased to assist you out. Listen to the given audio and complete the given sentence.

Pitched roof

Roofing for pitched roofs

For a pitched roof, you can choose from the following roofing materials: the shingles, metal roofing, slates, tile roofing and the bitumen roofing tiles.

Asphalt shingles, which are economical, durable and versatile, are the best options for the residential structures that is the reason they are the most sought after.

The use of metal sheeting in roofing lately is increasing. The fact is that it is the cheapest of all the materials. Many people think it is the superficial way-out.

Your roof will have a clean, smooth effect if you choose slate roofing. Furthermore, an asphalt roof is resilient, storm resistant and require simple care to maintain it.

A considerable share of roofs that are sloped are covered with tiles. The cost of tiles is much lower compared to the cost of other types of roofing materials. Moreover, laying concrete roof tiles is not that difficult.

Bitumen roofing tiles are unique for their versatility, durability and affordability, which almost make them the first option for covering roofs.

Is your roof in a dire situation requiring a new roofing for your pitched roof? Finally, the best way to reach us at (786) 981-1926. a chief from Roofing Westchester will also be glad to assist you!

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Every roof is different. The cost of a job is determined by the size of that project. The expenses will be for small jobs lower than those for large jobs.
One of the major factors is the timeframe of job execution. Not only costs of the materials, but also the tools and machinery we needed while doing the job should be considered.

Would you prefer to work with a roofing contractor from Westchester that is staffed with highly trained professional roofers? So, don’t procrastinate but make a booking with (786) 981-1926 right away. We are glad that we can be of assistance!


Costs Roofer Westchester

Every job is different. That is why we look at the costs per job.

Many factors are important in determining the costs. These include the type of work, the material, the size of the roof, the accessibility of the roof, and so on.

After we inspect your roof, you'll receive a free estimate. Do you agree? Then we'll perform the work.

Emergency repairs or small jobs are done right away. For larger jobs, we schedule another appointment.

Would you like a roof inspection? Then contact us quickly at (786) 981-1926.

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Roof leakage? Or any other damage to your roof?
Roofing Westchester with more than 30 years of experience is ready to help you.

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Are you dealing with a roof leak? Then contact Roofing Westchester to fix the leak as soon as possible.

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Are you looking for a roofing company in Westchester? Then feel free to contact us for a free estimate!

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Is your roof damaged? Get in touch and have your roof repaired by Roofing Westchester!

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Do you suspect your roof is damaged? Then call us and get a roof inspection done!

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Would you like to have your roof renewed? Then contact Roofing Westchester for an appointment!

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Is your roof outdated and in need of replacement? Please contact us to have your roof replaced!

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Are you experiencing a leakage problem on your roof? It is possible that the problem is a leak or something else and water is flowing down into your house.Roofing Westchester solves it!

Not only do we have over thirty years of roofing work experience, but we also possess the necessary skills to handle all projects, big or small.

We are the roofing specialists who install different types of roofing systems including sloped and flat roofs. We also offer the full range of services such as leak repair and performing all kinds of repairs.

Is your roof damaged or do you have some other problems that relate to your roof? Finally, be sure to contact Roofing Westchester here.

Questions & Answers

Frequently Asked Questions 

What kind of work do you do?

Tile contractors you may call for roofing services like roof installation and repair. We also provide rooftop inspections. We can fix the damage, too.

In which region are you active?
We are Westchester’s active participant and environment. Are you a resident of this neighborhood who would like to schedule an appointment? Kindly get in touch us at (786) 981-1926.
How do I know what the cost will be?
The required price will be determined by the job's requirements. The price is calculated on the basis of the width and length of the work. Small jobs or tasks will be cheaper than the big jobs.

Extremely important is the task of doing the repair in the given time. Furthermore, you may be required to factor in the cost for the raw materials, tools and machines used.

Do not forget to do the roof repair work as soon as possible once the roof damage is detected. The longer you put it off, the bigger it grows and the more you are to pay for having it done.

Further information about the service that we offer can be obtained by just giving us a call. You can easily visit this place at (786) 981-1926.

How can I make an appointment?
A meeting with our advisor can be scheduled by calling us at (786) 981-1926. Got a problem with your roofing? One of our colleagues from Roofing Westchester will be glad to serve you!
What to do when my roof is leaking?
The minute you get to know that there is a roof leak, the first thing you need should try to find the root cause of the problem. Find out yourself from where does the water leak and then try to find out what is the reason behind it.

When you are done with recording the leak go ahead and seal it. This could be a good time to use the Waterstop for this. The product Waterstop is a type that enables you to stop the leakage for the time being. If you fail to stop the leakage, then try to collect the highest amount of water possible in a bucket or a large tarpaulin.

Finally, engage the assistance of a roofing company. Upon his arrival, he will first analyze the problem and then apply the appropriate solution. That is why the leak will be sealed out in no time.

Be considerate of how long you delay calling a roofer. In case of a roof leak, it would not take long for extensive damage to happen, both on the inside and outside of the house.

Are you getting a leakage on the roof? When this is the case, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us immediately. You are welcome to give us a call at (786) 981-1926.

When does my roofing need to be renovated?
At the end of the day, who knows, they may just be the best investment because they are simply forever. Otherwise, each type of roofing also contains a lifespan. In this case, after the time is elapsed, the quality of the roofing will be decreased very quickly and the possibility of collapsing or leaking dramatically increases.

For instance, the roofing can dry up especially when it is warm. What can happen is the roofing can get damaged and develop cracks and fissures. With bitumen roof, it is a common situation if some air particles enter or blisters occur.

A lot of the consumers also use a roof renovation to add an insulation immediately. By installing a new/improved layer of insulation on your roof you can reduce the energy consumptions. This is not bad both for the environment and for your pocket.

Besides, have it got the requirement of frequent repairing which was done in a small amount of time? Sometimes the problem may not occur even after the renovation. Therefore, the best way is to do the renovation to remove these problems.

At your convenience, you are welcome to call us on (786) 981-1926 and schedule an appointment with us.

What should I do if my roof is damaged?

It is advisable to contact a roofing expert as soon as you spot any problem. Even despite of the small leaks in the roof. Those small cracks and gaps can be really detrimental to your house when you look at the long-term cost of the repair.

Therefore, always contact a professional roofer as soon as possible. You can reach us at (786) 981-1926. In the meantime, try to seal the cracks or chinks yourself with repair paste.

How will you renovate my roof?

In contrast, the fact that every roof is unique is the most notable point. It will depend on your roof type and the new roof you would like to have. A plan will then be drawn up. This plan will be determining the roofing material which will be used, the job that will be done and the exact process how it will be done.

Then, the current roof should be removed. It commences with the tear-off of the roofing material. Subsequently (as the case may be) , the old roof structure is removed. The roof structure bears the roof. This is the situation when beams are assembled on the inside of the roof and it is the main element of the structure which gives it the strength.

Next step, the roof structure is built. Immediately after this, the insulation process can be started and your roof will be covered with your preferred roofing material. Every single part of the rooftop needs to be laid in a particular way. The way the roofing material is put on depends the kind of roofing material that is being used.

The roof decking is the last stage when the actual roof is completed. Next comes the thorough inspection which had been done by the engineering team. Such a task requires making sure that seams, cracks, finishing defects and all of this are taken into consideration.

Have you managed to do everything or are there any gaps in your work? Are you completely satisfied with the result? So first we take off everything and then you can relax and enjoy your new roof!

What will be examined during a roof inspection?

While doing a roofing inspection, we look over your whole roof. We are going to look into the roof area. First and foremost, we inspect the roof’s quality. Our staff checks that there are no cracks, that everything still fits properly and that nothing has been damaged.

Our professionals will also perform an inspection of the roof's understructure. The rafters or roof beams are the foundation of a roof. This construction will make the roof ablest to carry your house and all weather conditions. Problems with the construction can be potential cause of the building collapse.

We perform another inspection to make sure the roof does not have any drainage problems. Storm water drainage is a must for your roof. The short water on your roof does not have any bad effects as long as it is there. But on the other hand, an excessive practice can lead to complications.Your roof may leak.

Apart from that, we also make sure that the attachments on your roof are in order. Seams of the roofs have a high chance of being either damaged or leaky. It is a good idea to have them checked that everything is still tight, so that there is no risk of disconnecting.

In most cases breaches of the water storage structures are done by animals and plants. It is a good idea to check your roof to see if animals made nests, there was plant growth, or algae, mosses and other objects that do not belong there.


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