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Roof leak Westchester? Are you seeing water leaking through your roof that is indicating by yellow spots on walls or ceiling? The problem of a roof leak is more than just a headache; it is stressful and unsettling.
We know how much you need this to be resolved and are aware of the stress that it is causing you. Roof leaks may surface at any time and if not cured early enough, the condition may lead to severe impairment. Don’t you worry! We are always ready to help you!

Boasting about 30 years of experience in the field, roofers at Roofer Westchester are the experts in the quick and effective identification and solution of roof leaks. When we get your call we promptly perform a thorough diagnosis which helps us to provide the exact solution.

With the roof leak issue, deal with the situation immediately. We recommend finding and addressing the leak first, no matter how temporary it may be using buckets or cloths, and then contacting a professional roofer nearby.

We are going to book an appointment and go to your place as soon as possible to complete the evaluation and resolve the problem for you. In most of the cases, we will be able to mend the leak on the spot, thus relieving you from all worries in no time.

By postponing the necessary repairs, it may result to the growth of mold and the development of health risks, which could eventually lead to the compromise of the structural integrity of the roof and the replacement of the whole roof.

Just do not delay to act so as to decrease the chances of future damage and cost reduction. Reach out to Roofer Westchester by calling (786) 981-1926 today for emergency assistance.

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Is it that you are looking at a dripping ceiling or wet spots on the walls? You could be dealing with a roof leak, which can be a distressing and unpleasant thing for many people.

Your worry is well-founded and the speedy repair of a leaky roof is a concern to us. The entire emergency team here at Roofing Company Westchester is waiting to help you in solving this issue immediately and satisfactorily.

We have more than 30 years in the roof leaks repair business and this gives us the confidence to handle the job in an expert way. Our company has been able to fix thousands of leakages. We can identify any problem and fix it in no time.

Taking a quick action is the key element here when it comes to dealing with a roof leak. Finding a roofer when the damage is still fresh can solve the problem and save money on major repairs. In the interim, one option would be to do a temporary patching or collect any water to reduce damage.

Delaying the repairs can give rise to more intensive problems like dangerous electric conditions and structural damage. In the worst cases, the entire roofing system may be to replace.

Please note that we as well provide emergency roof leak repair services so don’t hesitate to contact us if your concern is urgent. Set an appointment by contacting (786) 981-1926, and you can be assured that we will provide you with peace of mind.

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Causes of a roof leakage

The possible ways of roof leakage are very many. For some cases the cause of your roof leak is obvious. Unfortunately, this frequently does not happen. Well, since there is no absolute cause, there are many alternatives.
Your roof is out into the elements of the varying weather conditions. The temperature and humidity changes will lead to reduced size and expansion of the roof. This can be one of the factors that would lead to a cracking of the roof, eventually causing a leak.

The presence of plants and animals on your roof strongly influences the condition of your roof. The trees are growing their nests, twigs, leaves, moss and other stuff in your gutters. When a gutter is not cleaned regularly, water can begin to accumulate in the gutter and eventually start leaking.

Roof leaks can as well result from damages already done on your roof. For instance, the tiles of your home may be cracked, loose, or gone too. Moreover, it is possible that the repairing nails or bolts of your roof can be broken too. Imagine roof leaks, trim joints, cracks, edges, etc.

The life span of a roof is not even more than that of a century. Similarly, the various roof types have their own lifespans. As the time of roof’s existence is prolonging, the probability of its leaking is increasingly. It could be that your roof has started to leak because the roof is old already and its service life has gone beyond its useful life.

Whether the cause is a financial stress or a health complication, we are ready to help you. It is your choice to contact (786) 981-1926 if you have any questions regarding your work and time of appointment with our roofers.


How to identify a roof leak

Small roof leaks can be big problems. Usually, the leaks from the roof can be spotted on the ceiling or wall through wet spots on them.
Thus the wall is dirty and filled with circles and yellow spots. Apart from your wallpaper coming off or even bulging out, your wallpaper may also develop cracks or wrinkles.

You would also see black marks on both your wall and the ceiling. Fungi commonly develop when humidity levels become extremely high. Mildew is usually the result of the dampness getting into the house from leaks.

You don’t have to play the detective every time you find a roof leak. A leak is not maintained to adhere to a vertical direction. It may be the case that the leak stems from a distance of a meter or two from the circles or the yellow spots.

Is it still uncertain if you are dealing with leakage from a roof? It is recommended that Roofing Westchester homeowner analyze these three components of the roof: the roof structure, the outer roofing material and the gutters. Inspect the roof covering, gutter and roof lead too.

There are places where you have to look carefully for connections, overlaps and seams. Carefully inspect the surface to see if any holes or openings have been generated. Also, look if there is any water or dirt left and if all parts of the roof are properly connected.

Did you by chance notice a roof leak? Is it just me that suspects the air conditioning or there could be a seepage somewhere? And finally, make sure to call Roofer Westchester now on (786) 981-1926. Sealing the leak is our pleasure, and we can do it anytime that suits you.

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Flat roof

Leakage flat roof

Flat roofs are more likely to have leaks than sloping ones. This being because the water can only stay on flat roofs. A stagnant water on the roof may lead to leakage later. This is not the case in the situation where the water flows off the roof in the case of a pitched roof.
Frost and rain are the main damage factors which affect flat roofs integrity. High/low temperatures can lead to your roofing to expand, shrink, or even crack, which might cause leakage on the roof.

If you do your roof with bitumen roofing sheets. These are dried in the event of excessive heat and drought. In the past years, as many summers were becoming hotter and drier, this has been observed more often.

The leakage of the roof can be detected by drips or discoloration on the ceiling or wall if you have a flat roof. Such specks are commonly seen as yellow or brown circles or stains. And another thing, your wallpaper may come off its place and the stucco may fall off too.

The leaks in flat roofs can in most cases be fixed without a major restoration with just some repair. Nevertheless, the timeframe of the intervention has to be as short as possible. Flat roof leaks can do an outstanding damage even for the short-term period because water may stay on the roof.

Do you have a flat roof with leakage? If you need, then the roofers at (786) 981-1926 will be available to contact. Our team will be on-site at the earliest to examine and rectify the roofing problem.

Pitched roof

Leakage pitched roof

It is very rare that leaks will occur on pitched roofs compared to the flat ones. Therefore, the reason for the water running off a pitched roof is that it flows down the slope and does not stay on the roof.

A typical leak at a pitched roof is not in the roof surface area but either at the joints, corners or roof details. This happens at the place where it flows into or opposes the water flow. Imagine the dirt, the roof top lead around the chimney or the dormer junction.

The most usual reason to have leaks on the sloped roofs is the severe weather conditions, for example, storms. Roofing tiles can get unbalanced and fly off due to high winds. It will shorten the area of your roof, thus may have a chance of having a leak.

Chimneys form one of the weakest parts of your roof. In spite of the cold weather, the heat gets through the flue of the chimney to warm up the house. The chimneys that are old or not maintained properly can suffer cracking or crackling. When rain comes, water may flow in the house.

Simple roof leaks, which can be addressed in just a few minutes, are repairable. One of the benefits of repairing roofs is that loose or broken shingles can be immediately repaired. For big repairs, the date can be rescheduled to the day when they are being repaired.

Does your roof have a failure in the sheeting? Call us using (786) 981-1926 or just make an appointment. We will surely help you deal with the leak by sealing it for you.

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Leakage in a dormer

A dormer is an extension of the pitched roof. Installing a dormer increases the space and also brings more light into the house.

Yet, this is an area where leaks could be found very easily and can quickly become a problem for the house. This is because of the roofing of dormer and the chords to a roof.

Most of time the dormers are marked by a ledge on the top. This is the outer layer of the tendon, which is commonly called the ‘buoy’ or the ‘fascia’. However, this edge usually is taller than the rest of the roof so it forms literally like a tray.

There is even the slightest hitch in the management of rainwater, the water will keep on dripping on your dormer. If the water on the roof remains undisturbed for some time, it may cause leaks. Also, since a flat roof does not have enough slope to properly shed water, a large amount of water may overload it and even cause it to collapse.

Are you facing a dormer leak? Call (786) 981-1926 to share your condition and arrange a meeting. Roofer company Westchester- the roofers are waiting for you!


Leakage in a gutter

The gutter serves a vital role of being the supporting element of your roof. The gutter is a channel which can convey the rainwater to the ground or the sewer in an orderly way.
Without the gutter, rain and other flooding problems will happen much more frequently. It is essential that the gutter be cleaned of the trash, muds and other things.

Animal life and vegetation growth may be the main reasons of clogging of the gutter. The scattered mess of syringes, cigarette butts, twigs, leaves, moss, sand, and other trash always leads to a pile-up. A stagnated water in gutter will result in leakage if not cleaned after some time.

Gutters might loosen and curve due to severe winds or just wear and tear. This favorable condition of the ice and snow build-ups leads to the gutter blockage. Moreover, your gutter may be destroyed if something was standing against it or it was hit.

If a gutter is clogged, then water no longer flows through it, like before. The downspout I do not know but it will definitely overflow as more rainwater enters. Such moisture is a testimony of your house having a water leakage along the walls which is caused due to the moistened walls.

Simply by doing this, you can avoid your gutters being clogged. Be certain to clear your entire gutter of debris and the way to let the water go through should be free. And finally, make sure all the gutters are seamlessly connected together, and that no water is leaking anywhere.

Are you overloaded with clogged gutters? Would you instead like to have your gutter cleaned to avoid clogging and leakage, or would it be better to do it now? That being said, feel free to call (786) 981-1926 to make an appointment.

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Leak detection

What happens during a detection

Are you faced with the situation of yellow circles or spots of moisture on the wall? Is it a spill that is drying out or a ceiling that is dripping? Then you get the most obvious symptom which is water leak. The most perplexing aspect is where the leak is located.
On occasion it is a daunting task to identify such situations. In other instances, the leak is not located directly above the water circles or the moist patches on your roof or wall. So, if this was a case, a leak detection would be the best solution to find out the leak.

In addition to finding out the source of the leak, specialized equipment is used during the leak detection process. Tell-tale leaks or those leaks not in plain view get revealed. Now, the whole wall or ceiling does not have to be demolished, just the surface that needs to be replaced.

A leak detecting will open to you a detailed report from us. In this paper, we have investigated the problem and came up with the following results. The will show the kind of leak and the exact place where the leak is.

Will you like to have a leak detection performed to determine the actual location of the leak? Give us a call on (786) 981-1926 and talk to us about your roofing job and one of our roofers will reach you back to schedule an appointment. Roofer Westchester’s experts are ready to assist you!

What to do

What to do in case of a roof leak?

Roof leaks often happen at the most inconvenient occasions which in turn are capable of causing serious damage within a few short minutes. The fear and insecurity that accompanies roof leaking is something that most homeowners who have been affected by this problem can relate to.
The instant you find the leakage in the roof, the first thing you should do is to find out the root cause of the issue. So, the first thing that you should do is look for the source of the leak and only after you have found out what caused it.

Once you have that done you can move onto sealing off the leak. The last resort would be to use a bucket or a large tarpaulin to collect as much water as possible, should you not be able to stop the water leak.

Next, reach out to a local reputable roofer. During his working time on site, he will have to look into the problem and will then be able to solve it the right way. That will be way of the leakage to be fixed within a short time.

It is not advisable to wait too long. Contact a roofer as soon as you have noticed any issue. A small leak in a roof, if not fixed immediately, can bring big damage to the indoor and outdoor areas within a short period. Let Roofing Westchester be your partner as we are available on the phone (786) 981-1926.

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The consequences of a roof leak

Like other types of leaks, roof leaks can cause lots of damage in a short period of time. In the case of a leak like that caused by a burst pipe, you can halt the water by simply turning off the faucet.
The leak in the roof kills this fact. Therefore, the water entering the system is the one that comes from the precipitation. Leaks can also be considered as serious repercussions.

For instance, the covering structures might be involved and lose their strength, which could result in a danger of falling. The roof structure is the roof’s first element. And if the structure of the roof is damaged, mostly the whole of the roof needs to be substituted.

With your roof leak, you have to bear in mind not to have a short-circuit, or even a fire. The water being brought into electrical wiring or appliances will cause short circuits and fires. Since electricity can trigger explosions, be sure to turn off all electrical outlets in the area with leaks.

There will be much more moisture in your home because of a roof leak. Moisture in the home is can be harmful to you and the others living with you. It is the dirt moisture that helps fast growth of mold. This leads to stuffiness, allergy, rashes, sore throat or headaches.

The stucco or paint, however, can be damaged as well if the leak happens. Further, it’s possible for wallpaper to bulge or even fall off. Furthermore, your floor or other woodworks may warp or even make the floor to displace.

To avoid the resultant problems and the inconveniences, we will be glad to consult you a professional roofer anytime you need. While you are waiting for the plumber, try to fix it by sealing the leak or saving the water.

Do you need the professional Roofing Company Westchester to come for a leak? Then, it is your chance, please call us on (786) 981-1926 to schedule an appointment. When we are informed about the issue, we will let you know asap and come to the site to fix the roof.

Prices of a roof leakage?

How much one will spend to have a roof leak fixed depends on a lot of things.This varies per situation. A small leak that can be fixed by just patching it will be more economical than a large one where the roof needs to be replaced.

There are various elements that we use in order to decide upon the pricing. First, it is indispensable to understand at which point the leak is. Can the leak be easily reached/accessed? You will be cheaper for the same service.

In addition, we take into account questions such as: What exactly is the material on the roof? What materials can be used for the seal? What timeframe should be set for the investigation and repair?

If you want to hold the cost to a minimum, you need to have the leak repaired by someone at the soonest time possible. If you move fast and take action immediately, you will prevent mold happening, short circuits, permanent damage to insulation materials and so on.

Would you want to have a more detailed look at the cost of repairing a roof leak? After that, feel free to call us at (786) 981-1926 to talk about your job, schedule an appointment, if needed. We shall then come to you as fast as we can to get the situation fixed.

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Every job is different. That is why we look at the costs per job.

Many factors are important in determining the costs. These include the type of work, the material, the size of the roof, the accessibility of the roof, and so on.

After we inspect your roof, you'll receive a free estimate. Do you agree? Then we'll perform the work.

Emergency repairs or small jobs are done right away. For larger jobs, we schedule another appointment.

Would you like a roof inspection? Then contact us quickly at (786) 981-1926.

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Are you experiencing a leakage problem on your roof? It is possible that the problem is a leak or something else and water is flowing down into your house.Roofing Westchester solves it!

Not only do we have over thirty years of roofing work experience, but we also possess the necessary skills to handle all projects, big or small.

We are the roofing specialists who install different types of roofing systems including sloped and flat roofs. We also offer the full range of services such as leak repair and performing all kinds of repairs.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What kind of work do you do?

Tile contractors you may call for roofing services like roof installation and repair. We also provide rooftop inspections. We can fix the damage, too.

In which region are you active?
We are Westchester’s active participant and environment. Are you a resident of this neighborhood who would like to schedule an appointment? Kindly get in touch us at (786) 981-1926.
How do I know what the cost will be?
The required price will be determined by the job's requirements. The price is calculated on the basis of the width and length of the work. Small jobs or tasks will be cheaper than the big jobs.

Extremely important is the task of doing the repair in the given time. Furthermore, you may be required to factor in the cost for the raw materials, tools and machines used.

Do not forget to do the roof repair work as soon as possible once the roof damage is detected. The longer you put it off, the bigger it grows and the more you are to pay for having it done.

Further information about the service that we offer can be obtained by just giving us a call. You can easily visit this place at (786) 981-1926.

How can I make an appointment?
A meeting with our advisor can be scheduled by calling us at (786) 981-1926. Got a problem with your roofing? One of our colleagues from Roofing Westchester will be glad to serve you!
What to do when my roof is leaking?
The minute you get to know that there is a roof leak, the first thing you need should try to find the root cause of the problem. Find out yourself from where does the water leak and then try to find out what is the reason behind it.

When you are done with recording the leak go ahead and seal it. This could be a good time to use the Waterstop for this. The product Waterstop is a type that enables you to stop the leakage for the time being. If you fail to stop the leakage, then try to collect the highest amount of water possible in a bucket or a large tarpaulin.

Finally, engage the assistance of a roofing company. Upon his arrival, he will first analyze the problem and then apply the appropriate solution. That is why the leak will be sealed out in no time.

Be considerate of how long you delay calling a roofer. In case of a roof leak, it would not take long for extensive damage to happen, both on the inside and outside of the house.

Are you getting a leakage on the roof? When this is the case, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us immediately. You are welcome to give us a call at (786) 981-1926.

When does my roofing need to be renovated?
At the end of the day, who knows, they may just be the best investment because they are simply forever. Otherwise, each type of roofing also contains a lifespan. In this case, after the time is elapsed, the quality of the roofing will be decreased very quickly and the possibility of collapsing or leaking dramatically increases.

For instance, the roofing can dry up especially when it is warm. What can happen is the roofing can get damaged and develop cracks and fissures. With bitumen roof, it is a common situation if some air particles enter or blisters occur.

A lot of the consumers also use a roof renovation to add an insulation immediately. By installing a new/improved layer of insulation on your roof you can reduce the energy consumptions. This is not bad both for the environment and for your pocket.

Besides, have it got the requirement of frequent repairing which was done in a small amount of time? Sometimes the problem may not occur even after the renovation. Therefore, the best way is to do the renovation to remove these problems.

At your convenience, you are welcome to call us on (786) 981-1926 and schedule an appointment with us.

What should I do if my roof is damaged?

It is advisable to contact a roofing expert as soon as you spot any problem. Even despite of the small leaks in the roof. Those small cracks and gaps can be really detrimental to your house when you look at the long-term cost of the repair.

Therefore, always contact a professional roofer as soon as possible. You can reach us at (786) 981-1926. In the meantime, try to seal the cracks or chinks yourself with repair paste.

How will you renovate my roof?

In contrast, the fact that every roof is unique is the most notable point. It will depend on your roof type and the new roof you would like to have. A plan will then be drawn up. This plan will be determining the roofing material which will be used, the job that will be done and the exact process how it will be done.

Then, the current roof should be removed. It commences with the tear-off of the roofing material. Subsequently (as the case may be) , the old roof structure is removed. The roof structure bears the roof. This is the situation when beams are assembled on the inside of the roof and it is the main element of the structure which gives it the strength.

Next step, the roof structure is built. Immediately after this, the insulation process can be started and your roof will be covered with your preferred roofing material. Every single part of the rooftop needs to be laid in a particular way. The way the roofing material is put on depends the kind of roofing material that is being used.

The roof decking is the last stage when the actual roof is completed. Next comes the thorough inspection which had been done by the engineering team. Such a task requires making sure that seams, cracks, finishing defects and all of this are taken into consideration.

Have you managed to do everything or are there any gaps in your work? Are you completely satisfied with the result? So first we take off everything and then you can relax and enjoy your new roof!

What will be examined during a roof inspection?

While doing a roofing inspection, we look over your whole roof. We are going to look into the roof area. First and foremost, we inspect the roof’s quality. Our staff checks that there are no cracks, that everything still fits properly and that nothing has been damaged.

Our professionals will also perform an inspection of the roof's understructure. The rafters or roof beams are the foundation of a roof. This construction will make the roof ablest to carry your house and all weather conditions. Problems with the construction can be potential cause of the building collapse.

We perform another inspection to make sure the roof does not have any drainage problems. Storm water drainage is a must for your roof. The short water on your roof does not have any bad effects as long as it is there. But on the other hand, an excessive practice can lead to complications.Your roof may leak.

Apart from that, we also make sure that the attachments on your roof are in order. Seams of the roofs have a high chance of being either damaged or leaky. It is a good idea to have them checked that everything is still tight, so that there is no risk of disconnecting.

In most cases breaches of the water storage structures are done by animals and plants. It is a good idea to check your roof to see if animals made nests, there was plant growth, or algae, mosses and other objects that do not belong there.


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